WordpressMany people are interested both about how to develop a WordPress website and about WordPress maintenance prices.

How much to spend on maintaining a WordPress page?

WordPress is a worldwide popular CMS (Content Management System). It is used to develop websites and manage their content. With the help of the admin panel, users can create and manage web pages in the browser without requiring any special programming skills. An inexperienced user can develop his own WordPress website, because the interface of this program is very clear and user-friendly.

Sometimes users have little time and skill to do the important updates and checks for WordPress. In this case, services of maintenance professionals will be helpful. WordPress protection saves time, money and nerves. Check these wordpress maintenance contract example for your company.
What possibilities does WordPress have?

Thanks to the step-by-step instruction on the WordPress home page it is easy to install WordPress on the local system or on the server.

In WordPress you can add the page content as well as the appearance of the resource. You can use different layouts, templates, fonts, background images and animation effects. Each page can even have reader comments or reviews.

A variety of plugins for WordPress allow you to refresh your website with interactive elements. After you have finished the design, you can fill your WordPress website with content. The site can contain texts, pictures, videos, photo galleries, music and much more.

Why do you need WordPress maintenance?

Due to carelessness or ignorance updates and maintenance of the WordPress websites are not realized, which leads to problems with the website. Elements disappear, plugins do not work properly, users cannot open the website, etc. If users have problems with a website, they usually decide to leave the website. This has a negative impact not only on the popularity of the website but also on the overall business value. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the maintenance professionals.
Why to contact the experts for WordPress maintenance?

Wordpress WebsiteUpdate and technical maintenance is very important for the security and performance of a WordPress website. Security gaps and losses can be prevented by timely monitoring.

If the professionals are involved with WordPress maintenance of your site, you can’t worry about updates of WordPress software, themes, plugins and other components. WordPress will always have the latest version. Professionals not only ensure timely updates and error-free operation, but also data protection and security. Security plays an important role for commercial websites.

WordPress maintenance prices at Butlerpress

WordPress maintenance prices at Butlerpress are very reasonable and everyone can find an offer for themselves. Basic maintenance offer costs 69 € per month. You get WordPress and plugins update, customer panel, reporting, regular backups and monitoring of security holes.

For commercial sites fits better business offer. Here you can count up to 89 € per month. In addition to the services and updates offered in the basic package, you can also enjoy uptime and performance monitoring as well as discounts for developer work.

Enterprise users can be 100% sure in performance of their WordPress website. For 149 € per month you get development environment updates and support from WooCommerce business platform. These VIP wordpress users have priority in customer service.